Here is what you can expect

A Simple 8 Step Formula

Go From Stressed property "buyer" to Confident Investor with a Plan

  • No more endless scrolling the internet

    Your next best step is clear!

  • No more one- sided advice from commission agents

    You compare opportunities to buy the numbers!

  • No more second guessing yourself or your decisions

    Your price is set and locations in focus!

  • No more chasing the "market" with the Fear of missing out (FOMO) desperation

    There is no FOMO!

  • No more relying on family and friends half baked advice

    Multiple advisors weigh-in to give confidence!

7 Reasons you should make this Investment

  • REASON #1: Respect your Investment. You are borrowing $100's of $1000's of dollars and giving a PERSONAL GUARANTEE . Spend some time and money on making sure you are doing it the right way

  • REASON #2: : Seeking EXPERT ASSISTANCE is smart and what professional do . This course is an excellent LOW COST Solution

  • REASON #3. Knowledge reduces risk. BIG MISTAKES can hurt. By mimicking others success, you greatly increase your odds of getting it right, and moving towards your longer term goals

  • REASON #4: You SAVE VALUABLE TIME. It is true that most investors go about purchasing an investment property backwards. They start by looking for a property to buy. By the the opportunity is gone. Then have to work backwards to try and determine if that property is the right on.

  • REASON #5: Avoid "TOP DOLLAR " retail prices. When you have laser focus on your target, you can explore wholesale prices, direct deals, and early off market deals that retail buyers will never see.

  • REASON # 6: Make money before you buy. Often in property , when you know where the money is, and you have a specific target price, location, you can do better due diligence on purchase price and see where the value is created. You can also use time to hold or control a target property and make money before actually paying for it.

  • REASON #7: Buy your own freedom from work. WHAT YOU LEARN WILL LAST A LIFETIME. It is a repeatable step by step method of purchasing an investment property. Income producing assets can replace you job and essentially buy your freedom!