How your home mortgage is holding you back from getting ahead in life...and what you can do about it!

  • Have you calculated the interest you will pay over the life of your mortgage

    For a $500,000 mortgage, it can be over $600,000 plus income tax you pay for the payments.

  • Did you know that you are paying tax on your mortgage payments and they are not tax deductible?

    This typical financial handbrake will keep you running faster and faster on your work treadmill for decades.

  • Did you know there are solutions to pay your mortage off faster, and build new assets that help reduce you tax and create wealth

    Building assets and reducing tax liability is how the wealthy capitalize and grow wealth over time. Where income earners just suffer from increasing prices and working harder.

  • Looking forward, do you have plans to own your home outright and live from income from your investments?T

    This small investment will guide you to build that plan and give you a concrete target to move towards.

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This course is a must for homeowners looking to get out of the forever rat race earlier in life


Jerry Parker

After a career working on Wall Street, Jerry moved to Australia in 1989 when he started a family.  He went into commercial property sales, residential sales and development. Jerry built a successful development company where  for a national company's  well as constructed house and land packages for investors.Jerry holds a BA from the University of North Carolina ,  an MBA from Melbourne  Business School in 2006,  Jerry has held property licences in for the construction and sales of property.    

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